Photos from our current production of

A not so scary witch 
(Barbara MacArthur)
tries to get a cowardly lion, 
a tinman, and a scarecrow
(William Watkins, Ron Piretti
and Robert Rutt)
 "off to see the Wizard" 
- and off the stage -
so she can get on with her first solo!

Laura Davidson, Jean Richards,
and Barbara MacArthur

Kristina Latour
, Laura Davidson,
and Jo-Ann Salata
reminding Ron Piretti to
"Ac-cent-chu-ate the Positive."







Sheryl Fields looks for 
that magical place
"Over the Rainbow."

"Hooray for Love!"
Jo-Ann Salata
, William Watkins,
Jean Richards
, Laura Davidson,
Ron Piretti
, Barbara MacArthur,
Kristina Latour
, Robert Rutt



Arranger, Musical and Stage Director
Earl Wentz
is at the piano 
for every performance.

The cast assembles for a rousing finale of great Arlen tunes.





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